About Us

The North Carolina Cotton Producers Association board is composed of 28 members made up of cotton growers, crop protection representative, plant food manufacturers representative, farm machinery dealers representative, cotton warehousing representative, cotton ginner representative, lending institution representative, along with advisory members representing Carolina Cotton Growers Cooperative, NC Farm Bureau, and NCDA & CS.

North Carolina cotton growers pay dues to and are members of Southern Cotton Growers Association in order to strengthen our position through a regional approach and:

  • provide a voice for Southeastern cotton at the national level.
  • analyze and attempt to remove any impediments to opportunities for cotton production and ginning in the Southeast.
  • cooperate with all cotton belt forces for the mutual benefit of the American cotton industry to any point that is equitably beneficial to cotton growers in the Southeast.
  • counteract any movement, proposal, or program that impacts cotton production economy of the Southeast.
  • assist in stabilizing a healthy economic environment for cotton’s allied agribusiness upon whom growers depend for production and processing of their crop in the Southeast.


North Carolina Cotton Growers are members of the National Cotton Council which supports the American cotton industry and its growers by:

  • serving as the central organization representing all segments of the U.S, cotton industry.
  • assuring favorable legislative and regulatory policies through Washington representation.
  • providing technical services in solving major problems that increase costs and reduce profits (i.e.; establishing the Boll Weevil Eradication Program and maintaining federal support for program expansion).
  • providing staff and support services for the National Cotton Ginners Association.
  • promoting U.S. cotton in overseas markets through trade servicing and consumer promotion activities.



The North Carolina Cotton Producers Association, Inc., through its members and associate members, will continue to promote, encourage and aid North Carolina State University, other institutions, agencies and private industry in achieving gains through research, efficiency in production and marketing, quality improvement, public relations and legislative policies designed to help North Carolina cotton producers and other segments of the cotton industry.